Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things I've noticed as of late:

I'm an extremely slow reader.
I like brownies.
It's cold.
I'm some extent....and that pleasant.
I'm scared of small babies.
God is in control.
Life is very, very short.
Family is priceless.
Jane Austen is very entertaining.
I have poor vocabulary skills.
The mail runs at my house around lunch time.


Today is my best friend's birthday....Happy Birthday Kate!
Big Mamma, the big, white, plasitc christmas tree is still up in our living room along with two christmas stockings.
I'm wearing a purple striped shirt.
I'm hungry.
I still have yet to use the credit card this year.
I write about myself....a lot.


My thermostat says it's sixty-six.
I assure you it's much colder.

1 comment:

sarahe said...

i got this wonderful recipe for caramel brownies that i am going to make soon for bible study. it will be amazing