Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thoughts on captivity

Sometimes I feel like a polar bear in a Florida zoo--out of place and misunderstood.

Extended thought not really related to the first: Maybe Christians are like polar bears born in zoos. (Of course all metaphors can fall apart at some point, but bear [bear! ha] with me). We are not of this world. We long for our true home, heaven.

Yes. Captive polar bears long for snow, ice and freezing water--things for which they were born to experience and Christians long for the Father and completion in His presence. This is assuming, of course, that my suppositions on the thoughts and longings of polar bears are correct. Maybe all humans, in our fallenness, are born with a sense of lack or longing? Maybe some just refuse to acknowledge it??

The other day I was having a conversation with God in the car and I was like, "God I need you more than air." And then my brain was like, "Lacey, do you really need God more than air? Really? I mean without air you die." Then I thought or God inspired, "Yes, of course you need air, Lacey, but who gives you that air? God. Bam. And God can take away that air at any time. And then when there's no air, there's death and what do you need not only in life, but most certainly in death? God, of course." So needless to say, God is the end all of all things. Thus, everyone needs him more than air, more than bread, more than anything else that seems overbearingly important at times. God trumps all my cards.

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