Sunday, May 3, 2009

Letter to a Friend

Dearest Harry,

I feel the urgent need to extend my deepest condolences for shamefully neglecting you. With graduation and a move on the horizon, the past few months have felt rather like a blur. Not to mention, I've been preoccupied with, shall I say, more scholarly endeavors. You know, papers, tests, and the like. Your adventures at Hogwarts and the Quidditch World Cup took a prolonged back-burner position in my life, and for that I am...terribly...sorry. I do hope you will accept my apology. I promise to resume reading with relentless fervor.

Yours truly,

P.S. I do hope Draco Malfoy grows a sense of humor, poor chap!


sarahe said...

LOL! my hubby is re-reading the last book right now. you will find your way back eventually, when life gets calmer!

oatmealandcoffee said...

i should write a similar apology to frodo.

ms. anne said...

i should do the same for: The Inklings, Diamond and the North Wind, Jane, and Illuvatar himself...