Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I made my first latte at work today! yeeeaaaah.

My two favorite events at the Cafe:

Slicing lemons


This one bird keeps eyeing me down when I eat outside. One day I fed him crackers and he hasn't forgotten. He bounces around my table and sometimes perches on the chair beside me. I know it's the same one because he has a hurt foot. Foot? Do birds have feet? What do you call bird feet? Talons? Claws? Feet just sounds weird. I don't know. But, yeah. Our sandwiches are amazing and I have a bird friend that kind of gives me the creeps. Makes for a good combination.

I don't have to work on Friday and I'm estatic. I will most definitely be sleeping in and going for a morning run--two things I have yet to do in almost two weeks. Afternoon runs just aren't the same probably because most of them are without Miss Erin. :(

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sarahe said...

i think birdies have feet...yes, they do according to this:

i misses you much!