Sunday, November 4, 2007


i'm listening to anathollo's (spelling?) hymn it.

my feet are cold.
my heart is warm. :)

i don't think anyone reads this, except miss b of course.

one of my relatives from indiana is town...well in my hometown...and this afternoon she stopped by my old home.
she walks in the door, stares at the floor and says, "bunions".

excuse me? what?

"you're getting bunions on your feet. When you get older that's what happens...i had to have surgery to correct mine", she continues.
she's looking straight at my mother's feet.

who has the audacity to walk into someone's home and without blinking insult another person's feet? hazel does.

by the way, bunions are when the joint of your big toe becomes inflamed...and p.s. my mom doesn't have them.
this woman is senile and lacks any sort of social manners.

my mom looks down and says, "well, i don't see what you're talking about".
hazel screeches, "right there, on your big toe".
this is in a circle of several people.
my mom could have killed her.
i could have too.
ridiculous...this woman.

my dad kept saying all afternoon, "i try to love her...but it's so hard".
she's one of those people who drains that life out of every situation.
i think she is unhappy and because of that she seizes every opportunity to make everyone else feel bad too.

the first time I met her she asked me how i was.
(reasonable question)
I said, "I'm good". I think I was a sophomore in high-school.

She snaps, "honey, you are not good...none of us are good...say you're well".

okay, thank you hazel.
just please never ask me any other questions again.


one of my favorite hymns: Wondrous love...hmmmm. my soul aches.
"What wondrous love is this...oh my soul"

today...i had to fill up the old jeep before driving back to bg. I paid twenty dollars...yes twenty dollars my friends, for 6.6 gallons of gasoline.
also ridiculous.
"to God and to the lamb i will God and to the Lamb who is the great I Am." :)

i love to sing.

i'm leaving for bible study I think that's all for now.


e g allis said...

I read this.

ms. anne said...

my mom had bunions. how did you spell them? anywya. she have to get them removed when i was young and i got to keep both needles that were in her foot! it was fun. well for me.